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The Lazy Way is now open!


Do you want to be a quality guitarist and you want clear, actionable steps to get there?

Do you want to implement consistency and structure to improve your guitar playing?

Do you feel like you are in a playing rut and need a push to gain some new skills?

Do you struggle to find the time, or patience, to spend hours researching what to practice?​

I want to make guitar practice easy for you, so you can crush your music goals

I understand your struggle.

You want to become a better guitarist, and you know you need to practice in order to get there… but you spend more time working out what to practice than spend actually practicing the damn thing!

I just wanted to say a big thanks for the course. There's so much learning material available online it's impossible to know what to focus on.

The Lazy Way is an excellent route to getting the most out of limited practice time. Many thanks again.

Andy F

What you get:

This is an example of one of The Lazy Way practice sessions you receive. 

Over 12 weeks, I send you 4 practice sessions a week, delivered directly to your email. Each practice session is 20 minutes long

Every session includes the what, why and how of each topic. 

Plus tab, custom backing tracks and demo videos.

Every 4 weeks I send you a full song study: so you can put the techniques you have been practicing into context

I’ve spent time on the prep, so you can spend all your time on the playing.

What I do:

This is how The Lazy Way is created.

First I plan out the 12 weeks of practice sessions to ensure you are covering a variety of skills and progressing as a well rounded player.

Next I build each session. Researching, writing and recording each session usually takes me about a day, sometimes a little longer if it’s a particularly complex subject.

My job is to break down a big topic into a bitesize chunk for you, so you can quickly absorb it, practice it and eventually internalise it.

Why is it called The Lazy Way?

Essentially it’s for players who know they should be practicing smarter, but haven’t got round to organising themselves.

If you just wanna be told:

“Today’s practice is (insert topic)→ here are the exercises and the backing tracks you need”

Then this is probably for you!

The Lazy Way is 20 minute practice sessions, 4 times a week, with varying techniques to develop your playing, keep your brain engaged & avoid muscle fatigue.

Practice smarter, not longer.

The biggest obstacle in my guitar playing is my own time management and lack of practice structure. The Lazy Way solves those problems as it's structured in such a way that you can plan ahead of time and when you do sit down to practice you don't waste time playing things that don't help you improve.


I want to know more…

Lets be clear – I’m not here to teach you how to learn the guitar, there is plenty of that already available online

What The Lazy Way can do is 80% of the practice legwork for you: I structure the practice sessions, use my professional music knowledge to condense the information you need into manageable chunks, deliver it in an actionable way and take the effort out of guitar practice and progress for you.

The only guitar course that kept me engaged!​


How The Lazy Way came about…

I studied music at uni and had the luxury of being able to practice for 6+ hours every day, but after graduating that wasn’t realistic alongside an office job and social life. So I began organising my practice into 20 minute sessions and committing to doing them 4 times a week. 

Being organised, consistent and meaningful with my practice sessions meant I could keep building my guitar skills until I took the leap to full time musician a couple of years ago – I now run a music studio and wedding band agency. 

Once I knew it worked for me, I started getting my 1-2-1 guitar students to practice this way too. And when I saw how well it worked for them, I decided to build it into a program available to everyone!

It’s all about breaking different guitar concepts down into bite-sized pieces and absorbing them into your playing through short but sweet sessions.

That’s what The Lazy Way does for you!

The Lazy Way is designed to:

  • Save you A LOT of time – I do the hours of planning for you, you just pick up and play the 20 minute practice sessions.
  • Improve your playing – each week you will receive 4 carefully constructed guitar practice sessions – designed to develop all aspects of your playing.
  • Commit to progress – it’s a simple to follow 12 week practice cycle, you can do it!
  • Reset your musician mindset – no more avoiding certain techniques, no more overwhelm, no more sporadic practice.

What guitarists say...

The lazy way is not a generic guitar course that teaches you random exercises, it's so much more! The program provides a solid practice routine for every kind of guitar player, it's perfect for someone that has a lot of free time or for someone like me that's working full time and has limited practice time.

If you are stuck in a rut look no further!
The Lazy way is a sure fire way to learn or brush up on those essential techniques that will undoubtedly make you a better guitar player.
The Lazy Way has jump started my guitar playing.

I’d stopped practising altogether, but this was a fantastic way to re-engage, and the lessons challenged me at the right level to keep me interested and improve my playing.
Tom K
By the time I decided what I wanted to practice, waded through tons of material, and sat down to practice, my practice time was over (2 young kids).

The Lazy Way took care of everything for me, and even introduced material I wouldn't traditionally seek out. It's well thought out, and has useful resources such as the backing tracks.
The Lazy way provided structure and fresh exercises to my practice. Having played guitar for 19 years my natural instinct when I pick up the guitar is to noodle through songs I already now, unless we are writing within the band.

The Lazy Way picks out techniques that are essential to every guitarist and presents them in an easy to follow method. The sessions are short and concise which allow you to make real progress in a small amount of time.
As somebody who played loads when they were younger but for various reasons knocked it on the head for the last couple of years, I used the lessons to get back into playing. I thought the lessons were great, well structured with variation of styles.

Great product, would definitely recommend.
Michael L
The lazy way is an excellent program. A great way to learn new skills, along side understanding and improving current practical and theory skills to expand your guitar playing knowledge.
The Lazy Way is an excellent program for guitarist that struggled with lots of plateau-ing and not knowing where to further their learning.

It’s also a great add-on to my other guitar practices and exercises. Breaking down the exercises in bite-sized form helps me to stay motivated on the course and not get overwhelmed. I highly recommend this to any aspiring intermediate players!!
Ok, The Lazy Way sounds cool but how is it different to all the other online guitar stuff?​
There is SO MUCH awesome guitar content online.

If you've got the time you can find every skill and every tutorial for free. Between YouTube, Instagram, Google, Reddit and Facebook I guarantee what you are looking for will be there!

If you've got the money you can pay for 1-2-1 tuition, either online or in person. And you can join masterclasses and ongoing memberships and learn the best from the best.
I get it - I've spent time and money on both
But you can't beat a bit of solid structure and clear instruction in order to reach your guitar playing goals (or any goals to be honest!).

There is no point having access to hundreds of guitar tutorials and masterclasses if you spend more time browsing them than implementing them!

Its no use having a 1-2-1 lesson every week if you don't then go practice the specific techniques!
I'm gonna be real - the only thing that is going to improve your guitar playing is solid, consistent ...

Over and over and over again until that muscle memory is automatic and your musical understanding is effortless.
You'll know by now that I'm all about doing it the lazy way, for myself and for you
So that's what The Lazy Way is and how its different to the other (also excellent) online guitar options.

I've done the thinking for you, I've done the planning for you, I've done the research for you, I've gathered the practice materials for you.

All you have to do is pick up your instrument and play: for 20 minutes, 4 times a week.
The Lazy Way can be complimentary to your ongoing guitar study, or it can be standalone.
Can you have 1-2-1 tuition and still use The Lazy Way to get that technical practice down? YES

Can you be part of an epic online membership and still use The Lazy Way to give yourself a 12 week practice boost? YES

Can you be self taught and continue browsing YouTube for free lessons and use The Lazy Way for consistency? YES

About The Lazy Way

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Pay Upfront


Save 10%

↓ The Lazy Lowdown ↓

Picking: Octaves

Chords: Three-string voicings

Technique: Palm muting

Theory: Swing vs straight Rhythm

Improvisation: Basic rock soloing

Picking: Alternate picking

Technique: Bending

Chords: Dyads

Riffs: Drop D

Theory: Aeolian vs dorian 

Technique: Vibrato

Picking: Downpicking

Improvisation: Call & Response

Technique: Hammer-on/Pull-offs

Picking: Tapping

Chords: Using a capo

Picking: Fingerpicking patterns

Technique: String muting

Theory: The circle of fifths

Chords: Strumming patterns

Picking: Hybrid picking

Improvisation: The ‘blues’ third

Riffs: Natural harmonics

Chords: Adding embellishments

Picking: Alternate picking

Technique: Slides

Theory: Transposing

Improvisation: Sliding pentatonic 

Chords: Major 7th chords

Picking: Downpicking

Technique: Double stops

Riffs: Pinched harmonics

Technique: Bends

Improvisation: Structuring a solo

Picking: Stride fingerpicking

Chords:  Dominant 7ths

Picking: String skipping

Technique: Palm muting

Theory: Ahead vs behind the beat

Picking: Sweep picking

Improvisation: Basic rock soloing

Riffs: Drop tuning

Chords: Minor 7ths

Picking: Tapping

Technique: String muting

Chords: Dyads

Picking: Hybrid picking

Technique: Hammer-on/Pull-offs

Absolutely loved this course, very well put together! Mike was brilliant throughout whenever I had issues or just wanted to discuss the latest sessions. With the wide variety of topics covered I found some really easy and others really hard which really helped identify my weak spots! Cheers Dude!



The Lazy Way is for you if…
  • You can already play the guitar a bit, past the beginner stage.​
  • You are looking to get out of your current practice rut.​

  • You’ve had a break from playing, but keep meaning to pick your instrument up again and just need a bit of motivation and structure to get going.​

  • You want to be a quality guitarist and you want clear, actionable steps to get there.​

  • You don’t have the time, or patience, to spend hours practising.​

  • You can’t be bothered searching the internet for new practice material each time you sit down with your instrument

No, this is not a complete guitar learning program for beginners.

The Lazy Way is for people who have learned the basics of guitar playing but are struggling to apply them effectively.

If you are unsure of your level of guitar playing just drop me an email hello@thelazyguitarist.com and we can work out together if The Lazy Way is a good fit for you!

It’s a 12-week cycle of guitar practices.

I send you a new practice session directly to your inbox four times a week. Each session is clearly laid out in an email, with video demonstrations.

No portals or website logins, all you need to do is open your email, pick up your instrument, do the exercise and then get back to your life!

The concept that glues The Lazy Way together is that of Little and Often.

Just 20 mins of focused guitar practice, a few days a week, that’s it.

The Lazy Way takes the effort out of being a slick guitarist with a simple way of practising that will change your guitar playing habits for good.

Yes! When you sign up to the The Lazy Way you receive four emails a week for 12 weeks that include:
  • A practice topic, with clear explanations of what and why we are studying

  • TAB and Notation of each exercise

  • A video demonstration

When you sign up to the The Lazy Way you are committing to pay for the full 12 week cycle.

Payments can be made in 3 instalments or paid upfront in full. It costs less than a pint of craft beer a week and less than a guitar lesson a month!

Yes, we use Stripe to take payments.

Stripe is an online payment system,  Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

You can find out more about Stripe security here.

Look if you just really can’t be arsed to practice at all, then no, you won’t like it.
If you want to become a better guitarist and you’re wiling to set aside 20 minutes, 4 times  week, then yes you will like it!

The Lazy Way is designed to help you get the most out of your playing, guide you to practice the right things, challenge you out of your comfort zone and take all the faff out of practising. If you want results and you need a bit of a push in the right direction without sacrificing hours of time and effort, then this is for you!

Up to you, but you don’t have to!

The Lazy Way is designed to complement your ongoing guitar study.

This is for you…

  • if you have 1-2-1 guitar tuition


  • if you are a member of an awesome online membership


  • if you prefer to teach yourself in your own time

The Lazy Way is NOT teaching you how to learn the guitar.

Instead The Lazy Way is guiding you through a simple, structured and consistent way of practising that WILL change your guitar playing habits and provide a noticeable improvement in ability and understanding. WITHOUT spending hours of your time on it!

Think of The Lazy Way like a meal plan: it’s not teaching you how to cook – it’s showing you what to cook, quickly, simply, healthily and frequently!

Yes, The Lazy Way is sent directly to your emails and it is yours 

We just drop every practice directly into your email inbox, you could take 5 seconds to set up a Lazy Way sub-folder if you fancied, or you can just search through your emails to find past plans. Either way, they are yours forever.

Nope, this is an effective and low cost 12 week practice plan.

Don’t be a quitter, sign up, hold yourself accountable and finish strong. If you really didn’t enjoy it, don’t sign up to the next one!

Good question!

Yes – I am a professionally trained full time musician. I studied Jazz to degree level (but now work with all genres). I run a music studio and a wedding band agency.  You can check out what I get up to as a musician over on @the.lazyguitarist

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