Are you bored of playing the same songs all the time?

The Genreuary guitar challenge

4 tracks in 4 genres

play something nice over 16 bars in each style, that’s all you gotta do

I’ll send you backing tracks + chord sheets and you could win some guitar goodies

Sign up for the challenge here!

Genreuary… it’s January but with a focus on different genres – get it?

Okay so it works like this – 

The first and most important thing is to sign up with your email address before the challenge kicks off on 22nd January 2021.

I’m gonna be emailing you 4 different backing tracks, all from totally different styles of music. 

It’s only gonna be a 16 bar section, and I want YOU to send me a clip of you playing over it.

Having variety in your practice is important, otherwise you can end up falling into a rut and lose your drive to progress your playing. 

Also, I believe it pays (literally $) to be versatile… you don’t wanna be someone that gets offered a gig you have to turn down cause you have only become proficient in one style of music. 

So join me in expanding some musical boundaries.

Here’s some goodies you could win:

A delicious guitar strap from RightOn (the best straps I’ve come across)

A sturdy K&M guitar stand (I can’t bear guitars falling over, these guys make study stuff)

A handy Fender clip-on tuner (because you should be in tune, duh)

guitar prizes

Here’s what you have to do – play something nice over the 16 bar backing track. That’s all!

It could be a solo, it could be rhythm playing…whatever you like, just make it musical.

I’m not fussed by the speed of your playing, that don’t impress me much.

I’m more interested in note choice, phrasing, stylistic awareness… you know what I mean?

You’ll need to either post a story of your clip, DM me or email it. 

Complete all 4 different styles and you’re in the draw for one of three prizes, simple as that!

Full details will be emailed to you when the Genreuary Challenge starts on 22nd January!