Anyone else got this as bad as I have?

Strings, capos, straps, pedals and new guitars. There is always SOMETHING I don’t really need but do really need!

I’m pretty good at keeping my big GAS spending down to once a year, but you gotta acquire some other gear as you go.

Anyway, here is some of my favourite guitar gear. Stuff I use, stuff I want and stuff I think you will find useful or interesting.

The honest stuff:

This list does contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links it won’t cost you any extra money, but I will get a little bit of commission (to spend on more gear!)


Timbertones by Earthpicks

Do something good for the planet and opt to pluck your strings with something that isn’t a disposable piece of plastic!

These things are lovely to hold, great to play with and just make you feel warm and cosy when you play.


Right-On Straps

These things are beautifully handmade, sturdy as anything and come in loads of great designs.

My favourite feature is that they all have a double plectrum holder built in. Plus they are Vegan, so no dead cows in sight (although you wouldn’t know to touch).


D’Addario American Stage

Cheap cables break and sound crap. If you buy the bargain stuff, you will just end paying again for a new one when it fails on you (probably at a gig, it’s happened many times to me).

​These are the best value cables I have come across, and I have HUNDREDS in my studio! They don’t break and they sound crystal clear.


G7th Performance 2

The wrong capo can potentially pull you out of tune, buzz and rattle, damage your guitar or pack in on you when you need it.

​This has got to be the best capo on the market – it just works perfectly.

Busking Amp

Acus One Forstreet​

If you’re a street performer you need two things – reliability (in terms of battery life, portability etc) and good sound (to catch peoples attention).

​These are by far the best sounding and best equipped amps for you and your guitar. 7 hr battery life, multiple inputs with full EQ and lush reverb.

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