The Lazy Guitarist

Taking the effort out of being a slick guitarist

• Do you want a guitar practice routine that fits in with your life?

• Do you want to hear and feel consistent improvement in your guitar chops?

• Do you want to grow as a musician without having to sift through an endless supply of tutorial videos, courses and study materials?

Same here – welcome to The Lazy Way

It’s a simple way of practising that will change your guitar playing habits and provide a noticeable improvement in ability and understanding. WITHOUT spending hours of your time on it!

How does The Lazy Way work?

It's a 12-week cycle of guitar practices.

I send you a new practice session directly to your inbox four times a week. Each session is clearly laid out in an email, with video demonstrations.

​ No portals or website logins, all you need to do is open your email, pick up your instrument, do the exercise and then get back to your life!

Little and Often.

The concept that glues The Lazy Way together. Just 20 mins of focused guitar practice, a few days a week, that's it.

​ It's all about breaking different guitar concepts into bite-sized pieces and absorbing them into your playing through short but sweet sessions.

practicing a variety of techniques

Variety in your guitar playing is important, and the players that are most successful are the ones that are versatile.

We cycle through many different styles and techniques to help mould you into a well rounded musician.

​ In one week we might look at chord voicings, picking technique and blues soloing, the next week could be rhythmic strumming, palm muting and hammer-ons and so on.

what, why and how.

As well as giving you an exercise to play, I make sure to explain the what, why and how.

Each exercise will be put into context to help grow your overall musicality, and we look at all styles.

There is a video demo of each exercise and at the end of every 4 weeks I send you a full song (with backing track) which incorporates techniques we have looked at in the month.


I am a full time musician, studio owner and function band director. 

Post-university, I spent a few years working in an office and doing music on the side, building up until the moment I made the leap to full time musician – I have never looked back.

You might think that I must have all the time in the world to practice my guitar, but in reality I am as pushed for practice time as the next person!

I came up with The Lazy Way  for guitarists to ensure they are improving playing skills without sacrificing any other life commitments.

It is as much a mindset as anything else – change the way you think about practising and be organised.

You don’t need hundreds of guitar videos, complex masterclasses or pages of sheet music to become a great guitarist.

You need consistency, variety and structure. 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

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I send a couple out each month:

Album Club
I recommend an album (could be brand new or well old) for you to have a listen to and discuss thoughts on the guitar work.

I want to help you expand your listening horizons and help you develop your aural skill.​
Practice Idea
I talk about a concept for you to think about in your practice for that month.

This is to help your break out of your usual playing habits and grow your understanding of the instrument.

Or feel free to drop me an email –

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Pop in your email address for my newsletter.

I'm not spamming you, its all relevant stuff!